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Admission To Hospital

What do I bring to hospital?

  • You should bring the following items: night clothes, slippers, dressing gown, soap and washer, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, tissues, shaving kit for men and any other toiletries you may require. We do not supply shampoo or conditioner.
  • Please bring a list of all the medications you take and any recent changes that have been made. This includes all prescription medications and those purchased in a pharmacy, supermarket or health food shop.
  • You may bring books and magazines and may need some money if you wish to purchase the papers or other items from one of our retail outlets. Please do not bring any valuables with you.

Patients With Private Health Insurance

Bendigo Health is a public hospital, however, you may elect to utilise your private health insurance. Our private patient liaison officer is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your admission.

Choosing to use your private health insurance at Bendigo Health, contributes additional funding to your local hospital, helping maintain facilities and provide more equipment and services to the community.

Bendigo Health also offers private patients a range of extra benefits to enjoy. Conditions apply, so please contact the private patient liaison officer on 5454 7523 for details.

TAC or Workcover claim patients
If your admission is the result of a traffic or work related accident you will be admitted as a compensable patient. Please notify staff if this applies to you. You must still elect to be public or private in the event of your claim being rejected. No accounts will be sent to you if you tell us who is responsible for your medical expenses.

Veterans Affairs
Please notify staff if you personally are the holder of a Department of Veterans Affairs Gold or White Card, all of your claimable accounts will then be sent to DVA.
While in hospital- link to Patient Information Guide

Electrical Equipment
Due to safety considerations, we prefer that electrical items are not brought to Bendigo Health.
If electronic equipment is brought in, it must have a current electrical compliance tag or a hospital electrician will need to check it before use.
Please consider other patients and use headphones or keep the sound down on radios,electronic games and CD players.

Complaints and Concerns
If you have any concerns please talk to the nurse, doctor or heath professional caring for you. If they cannot resolve your problem, you can make a formal complaint to the patient relations officer. Bendigo Health welcomes and encourages feedback as this provides us with an opportunity to improve the quality of our health services.

If you would like to provide feedback, please contact the patient relations officer:

     Patient Relations Officer
     Bendigo Health
     PO Box 126
     Bendigo 3552
     Ph:  5454 9079

All feedback will be treated seriously and confidentially.

Other services or independent organisations that may be able to assist you include:

  • Health Services Commissioner - free call 1800 136 066 
  • Office of the Public Advocate - free call 1800 136 829 
  • Aged Care Complaints Resolution Scheme - free call 1800 550 552 
  • Residential Rights - 9603 9500 
  • Psychiatric Services Community Visitors - 1800 136 829 
  • Victorian Ombudsman - free call 1800 806 314.

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