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While in Hospital

While in hospital, patients can refer to the Patient Information Guide found in each ward or by clicking here. If you cannot locate one on the ward, please ask our staff should you require a hard copy of the Patient Information Guide.

Patient Review: PACT (Patient Activated Care Team)

At Bendigo Health we understand that sometimes it is the small changes that only you may notice that can be the most important sign that something is not right. As your committed health service we want to know about these changes. If you feel like these concerns are not being heard you can request a PACT review.

What is PACT review?

A PACT review is a patient assessment initiated by the patient themselves and/or their family and friends when:

  • They have a concern about a change in their own, or the condition of a relative or friend and
  • They have talked about these with the doctors and nurses that are already providing care without a resolution to the concerns raised

How can you call a PACT review?

You can initiate a PACT review by approaching any Bendigo Health staff member and requesting one. The staff member will make a PACT call on an internal phone and an experienced medical team, independent of the doctors and nurses providing care, will attend within 5-30 minutes of the call being made.

Who makes up the medical team that responds to a PACT call?

The PACT team is generally made up of:

  • Senior Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Doctor
  • Senior ICU nurse
  • Medical Registrar

What will happen during a PACT review?

The aim of a PACT review is to hear and resolve your concerns, relieving any anxiety you may have. The team will arrive within 5-30 minutes of a PACT call being made and they will want to talk to you and/or the person who initiated the PACT review. 

They will then:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Assess/examine the patient
  • Talk with the team of doctors and nurses providing care (the treating team)
  • Make an independent assessment of the care that is being provided

After making their assessment, the PACT team will explain the outcome of the review to you and/or the patient as well as to the treating team. The outcome may include alternative treatment options or it may confirm that the current treatment plan is appropriate.

For more information and other frequently asked questions please click here for the Patient Review: PACT information brochure.

Document Icon  Patient Review: PACT Brochure

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