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Pregnancy & Birth

At Bendigo Health we believe in offering women a choice in the care they receive during pregnancy and birth. To this end we have developed a number of options for women including:

Obstetric Care – This model of care is available for women who may have one or more risk factors in their pregnancy. Care is provided primarily by the obstetric team with support from Women’s Health midwives. Referrals are made to other services in the hospital as appropriate. 

Private and self-pay maternity care (for women with a Medicare Card)
Women who have engaged a private obstetrician for pregnancy care and want to give birth as a private patient at Bendigo Health, please refer to the following fees and charges. Private Maternity - costs

Midwifery Care – Is available to low-risk women with our service. Pregnancy care is provided by one of our Women’s Health midwives with support from the obstetric team at key times throughout pregnancy

GP Shared Care – This program is available to all women with low risk pregnancies. This allows women to be cared for by an affiliated GP. Women under this model attend Bendigo Health for key antenatal visits, birth and the immediate postnatal period.

Mamta Caseload – Mamta is a caseload model of midwifery care that offers continuity of care throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Midwives work in small teams of two or three to ensure women have an opportunity to get to know their carer. Women who are booked into the Mamta model will be allocated to a midwife and other team members will be called as back-up midwives. In most instances the allocated Mamta midwife or the back-up midwife will be with you when you give birth to your baby.

Pregnancy Assessment Unit – This unit supports the assessment and monitoring of women throughout their pregnancy as required by the medical or midwifery staff.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAS) – The EPAS clinic is available to support women with pain and/or bleeding in early pregnancy via a referral from a GP or through our Emergency Department. This clinic is run daily in Women's and Children's Services.

Midwifery Home Care - following your discharge, our Midwifery Home Care team will visit you at home to ensure the transition into home life with your new baby is as smooth as possible. This service monitors the wellbeing of both mother and baby until you are referred to the Maternal and Child Health Nurse service.

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