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Child Birth and Parenting Education (CBPE)

Becoming parents for the first time is an exciting yet sometimes daunting prospect. Preparing for the birth of your baby, both physically and emotionally is important. At Bendigo Health we have a team of dedicated midwives, lactation consultants, physiotherapists and an infant massage therapist who wish to support you in making the transition to parenthood by sharing their knowledge and expertise. By booking into one of our dynamic and interactive parenting workshops you will be empowered to birth your baby and move into parenthood with the confidence and knowledge you require to make this a positive and fulfilling journey.

Child Birth and Parenting Booking Form 

Birthing classes cover topics including:

  • Changes which occur to a woman’s body preparing for birth
  • What to expect when labour begins
  • How to cope with labour, including medications available at the hospital
  • Newborn characteristics
  • Tests and procedures offered to all newborns in hospital
  • Parenting strategies at home, including settling techniques.

Physiotherapy in the child bearing year is an optional class

Suggested attendance at 20-26 weeks. 

Aimed at teaching practical skills to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy and the first few months after the birth of your baby. Along with massage and relaxation, the class covers back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscle exercise.

Child Birth and Parenting Education sessions are held in the education room at Barnard House. You can choose whichever session suits you best, choices are:

  • Sunday workshop, 9am to 3:30pm - $80
  • Wednesday workshop, series of three evenings, 6:30 to 9pm - $60

Both sessions cover the same topics and include morning tea/supper and a class workbook for you to take notes. Health Care Card holders receive a 50% discount and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander free. If you feel you are unable to afford the full amount, discuss this with the CBPE co-ordinator and alternative arrangements can be considered on an individual basis.  

  • Breastfeeding sessions are in Barnard House from 1 – 2 pm on either a Friday or Wednesday. (Covered in the cost of your birthing class)
  • Physio classes are in the Allied Health meeting room, level 1, Hyett building, hospital campus on a Tuesday between 11am and 1pm. (covered in the cost of your birthing class)
  • Infant Massage will be booked in Maternity Ward after the birth of your baby. These classes are held every Thursday in Barnard House. 
  • Due to a high demand for all these sessions; prepayment is required before your booking can be made.

The Child Birth and Parenting co-ordinator can be contacted for enquiries or more information, and is available on Thursdays to reply to your enquiry. A message can be left anytime, on: 5454 7285 or child_birth@bendigohealth.org.au

QUIT smoking support for pregnant/parenting women and their support person. Quit smoking brochures are available. A quit referral to assist you quit or reduce smoking can be made by staff to Bendigo Community Health Services or QUIT Victoria.

Breastfeeding Support Service

This service supports women in establishing and maintaining lactation. In addition, this service provides antenatal breastfeeding education to new mothers, women who have had previous breastfeeding problems, women with diabetes and women who have had a caesarean section. Women who have birthed their babies at Bendigo Health can self refer to this service. For babies born at another hospital, a referral is required from a GP or Maternal and Child Health organisation. This service is available up to 12 weeks following birth.

  • Breastfeeding classes are for those wanting to breastfeed.
  • Benefits of breast feeding to both mother and baby
  • Common myths/misconceptions about breast-feeding
  • Normal newborn requirements in the first week of life
  • How best to prepare yourself for breastfeeding.

To alter your breast feeding class please call 5454 7293.

Infant Massage

A small introductory class teaching parents about the benefits and how to massage their newborn baby. Infant Massage will be booked in Maternity Ward after the birth of your baby. These classes are held every Thursday in Barnard House on the Anne Caudle Centre campus.

Post-natal physiotherapy

Classes are available up to 12 weeks post birth for women who have birthed at Bendigo Health.
To book your spot please call the Physiotherapy Department on 5454 8783. 

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