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Health Equity

Bendigo Health is working towards becoming a hospital that is accessible in all ways. Health equity is about everyone in the community having the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to achieve and maintain good health and wellbeing (Source: World Health Organisation).

Bendigo Health is committed to ensuring that access to, and equity of health services, is available to people within the diverse society in which we live. 

It is well documented that people who are most vulnerable to poor service access and equity are those who are:

  • Of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent 
  • Socio-economically disadvantaged 
  • Living in rural or remote areas 
  • Living with a mental illness or intellectual disability 
  • Living with abuse or neglect 
  • Living with a physical disability (including communication deficits)
  • Affected by discrimination, social exclusion or incarceration 
  • From cultural or linguistically diverse backgrounds, particularly refugees and survivors of torture and trauma. 

Over the past three years, a committee has developed the Bendigo Health Diversity Plan - click here to view the plan.

This plan includes every aspect of the hospital and aims to work towards making sure that all services are accessible to everyone in all ways. We want our hospital to be accessible to people who have:

  • physical disabilities 
  • communication difficulties 
  • visual impairment 
  • auditory impairment 
  • deaf/blindness 
  • intellectual disability 
  • limited literacy or limited English.

When we think about access, we usually think about physical access and ramps. But access also means good signage to find your way around,  and written information that is easy to read and understand. It means having staff who know how to communicate with people who have a disability and have an attitude that is welcoming and respectful.

We have included all these aspects in our Disability Access Policy.

You can ask for a Braille copy of the plan or you can listen to the audio clip. You can also watch an Auslan Sign Language video clip about our Disability Access Plan.

This Auslan video was made to show hospital staff what often happens to deaf people in a hospital waiting room, not only in Australia but worldwide. Please feel free to share it in order to promote awareness.

We want people to know that Bendigo Health wants to offer excellent service to everyone, including those who have disabilities and difficulties. If you do not get the service you think is right for you, it is up to each person to tell Bendigo Health, so we can try to fix the problem.

There are many things to do to and we have a  long way to go, but now we have a plan to get us there.

Click here to view the Bendigo Health Diversity Plan.

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