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Our commitment to education at Bendigo Health

At Bendigo Health we recognise that education is everybody’s business! But at the same time we have skilled, motivated and experienced educators to assist and bring out the best in our valued workforce, who in turn will deliver the best possible care to patients, clients and families in their care. Bendigo Health has long been involved in the provision of nurse education, with nurse education commencing in 1884, midwifery training in 1935 and high dependency nursing in 1987.

Today we continue to strive towards the best possible preparation of beginning practitioners with our relationships with Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE, LaTrobe University, Monash University and others, and by maintaining best possible standards and innovation in Graduate programs. Post graduate programs at Bendigo Health enjoy an excellent reputation and are supported in a number of areas. Nurses and Midwives who are between, or have completed formalised courses are supported in continuing professional development through a range of online modules, competencies, training days, workshops, conferences and access to scholarships and allowances.

While education initiatives at Bendigo Health have a point of difference of prioritising personal face-to-face content where required, Bendigo Health is also embarking upon its own  on-line, one stop shop for e-learning through ilearn@Bendigo Health.

Bendigo Health is also a leader in participation in numerous education developments including leading Health Workforce Australia, Clinical Placement Network initiatives and a partner with Monash and La Trobe Universities in Simulated Learning Environments facilities development.

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