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Health Professionals

Bendigo Health has moved to the new Bendigo Hospital located at 100 Barnard Street, Bendigo (access via Mercy Street). Please note phone numbers have not changed and if you wish to locate a Bendigo Health staff member call switchboard at 5454 6000. 

Referral Pathways and Guidelines

The SeNT e-Referral solution allows GPs to send secure referrals electronically to Bendigo Health. SeNT integrates with GP Medical Director and Best Practice clinical software. Referrals can be send directly from a GP's desktop or from HealthPathways.

To register your interest in participating in e-Referral please contact Laura Russo, Bendigo Health e-Referral Project Manager, at or 5454 6133.

For referral templates click here. 

Are you receiving regular updates?

If as a GP you are not receiving regular updates from the Bendigo Health GP Liaison Officer please email

Continuing Professional Development

Click here to view an array of presentations from Bendigo Health clinical staff.

ED Central

This initiative of the Bendigo Health Emergency Department is an education website for Emergency Medicine. Click here to visit ED Central. 


Emergency Department

Bendigo Health Emergency Department provides urgent care to patients of all age groups presenting to the hospital acutely with undifferentiated physical and mental illnesses and injuries. It is staffed 24 hours a day by a team of emergency physicians and critical care trained nurses who specialize in the diagnosis, stabilization and treatment of paediatric and adult emergency conditions. On arrival patients triaged (sorted) and streamed into high dependency, acute care, short-stay and fast-track areas and have the opportunity to be treated by nurse practitioners, mental health workers, care-coordinators and physiotherapists who complement the emergency team of physicians and nurses.

47,000 patients every year attend the emergency department; 20% come by ambulance; 17% are children; 30% need admission to the hospital after assessment and management in the department; 75% of patients are seen and treated and either discharged home or admitted to an inpatient hospital bed within four hours.

Bendigo is a busy regional referral teaching hospital department dedicated to serving the Loddon-Mallee region and improving recruitment and retention of emergency healthcare professionals in our area through the development of its emergency medical education teaching and training hub credentialed with the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine.

Phone: 5454 8100  fax: 5454 8111, 24 hours a day - seven days a week

Referral -  
Please include all relevant, recent investigation results, medications and the reason for the referral and what further interventions you expect the Emergency Department to perform.

Directions for uploading these are as READ ME FIRST (click here). Once imported, they will then auto populate from your desktop.

ED Central

An education website for Emergency Medicine. An initiative of the Bendigo Hospital Emergency Department, ED Central supports the comprehensive medicine training programs such as the Emergency Medicine Fellowship and the Emergency Medicine Diploma and Certificate. For more information visit:

Psychiatric Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (PCATT) - phone: 1300 363 788, 24 hours a day - seven days a week
Acts as a single point of entry for all referrals into Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services and provides you with immediate telephone access to an experienced, highly skilled mental health clinician. 


Cardiac Catheter Laboratory - phone: 5454 7010 fax: 5454 7019
Diagnosis and treatment of many different types of heart disease including, ischaemic heart disease, angina, heart attack, acute coronary syndromes, heart failure, electrical disorders of the heart, pacemakers, defibrillators and valvular disorders of the heart.

Diagnostic Cardiology - phone: 5454 8017 fax: 5454 8020 email:

Lung Function Laboratory - phone: 5454 6383 fax: 5454 8020 email:

Diagnosis of respiratory problems - test required:

  • Standard testing
  • Standard test and lung volumes
  • Bronchial challenge

Pacemaker Clinic - phone: 5454 8022 fax: 5454 8020

EEG Investigative Neurophysiological Service - Phone 5454 8093 fax 5454 8094 email
Bendigo Health provides an investigative neuro-physiological service for EEG recording for both adult and paediatric patients.

Bendigo Cancer Centre

The Bendigo Cancer Centre is a partnership between Bendigo Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, which brings together Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology treatment and consultative services, with the support of palliative care, allied health, specialist nursing staff, pharmacy and clinical trials.

Medical Oncology - Phone: 5454 8815  Fax: 5454 8816

Medical Oncology provides consultative services and a day stay chemotherapy unit providing a wide range of chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological response modifiers and symptom support. Patient care is planned through a team process. Staff work closely with the radiotherapy unit, social workers, dieticians, district nurses, breast care nurse, general practitioners, palliative care and other specialist services. 

Radiation Oncology - Phone: 5454 9234
Radiation Oncology provides consultative services and a radiation therapy planning and treatment service. This service is operated by Peter Mac Cancer Centre. To refer a patient to Bendigo Radiotherapy Centre, please contact reception on 5454 9234. 

Useful contacts:

Carer Support Services
Carer Support Services provides a first contact information point for carers to assist and support patients in accessing services including respite care.

  • Phone: 1800 068 978. 
  • Bendigo: 5454 7719 
  • Mildura: 5018 7301 
  • Castlemaine: 5471 1017 
  • Swan Hill: 5036 1919 
  • Echuca: 5482 0808 

Community and Continuing Care

Bendigo Health Community and Continuing Care provides a wide range of services to support people to return home or stay at home, and assistance with long term arrangements if needed.

You can provide information using the Bendigo Health SCTT form, your personal letterhead or a computer generated form, for example Medical Director or Best Practice.  Information about the patient’s condition, functional ability, the impact their condition is having on their normal daily activities or some indication of the expected outcomes would help us in determining how best we can meet the needs of your patient.

Bendigo Health GP SCTT Referral Form

Bendigo Health SCTT Referral Form for discharge planners, allied health works and nurses

ALL REFERRALS via Bendigo Health Referral Centre

Bendigo Health Referral Centre
Telephone: 1300 733 581
Fax: 1300 733 589 or (03) 5454 7099
Mail: PO Box 126, Bendigo, 3552

John Lindell Rehabilitation Unit is located on the Anne Caudle Centre campus of Bendigo Health  Phone: 5454 8500, entry via gate 1 in Mercy Street.
Limited parking including disabled parking is available. All weather patient drop off point available.

Stewart Cowen Community Rehabilitation Centre is located in Market Street, Eaglehawk next door to Community Health Bendigo. Phone: 5446 9203.

Services provided by Community and Continuing Care

Is a multi-disciplinary team who assist older people and their carers to identify what kind of care will best meet their needs when they are no longer able to manage at home without assistance.

Acquired Brain Injury Services, Case Management Services
A case manager provides a single point of contact for the person and their family to deal with the service system.

Amputee Clinic
Specialised multi-disciplinary services for amputees living in Northern and Central Victoria. The Amputee Team encourages independence and maximises community participation.

Provides hearing assessments and advice for infants, children and adults of any age, throughout the Loddon Mallee region.

Back Pain Rehabilitation Clinic
The program promotes a functional framework to enable people with chronic or recurring lower back pain to manage their back pain and its consequences.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Provides education and information to inpatients, community patients and carers of people diagnosed with heart disease to support and assist individuals to recognise and modify risk factors and make lifestyle changes as required.

Carer Support Services
Provides a first contact information point for carers to assist and support them in accessing services including respite care.
Phone: 1800 068 978
Bendigo: (03) 5454 7719
Mildura: (03) 5018 7301
Castlemaine: (03) 5471 1017
Swan Hill: (03) 5036 1919
Echuca: (03) 5482 0808
Chronic Illness Relief Program, Case Management Services       
Provides one off funding – it does not provide ongoing case management.

Community Aged Care Packages
Community aged care packages (CACP) are targeted to frail older people that require provision of services because of their complex needs.

Complex Care Neurological Clinic
Service for clients with neurological conditions following a CVA, an ABI or neurosurgery.
Complex Care Orthopaedic Clinic (JLRU,SCCRC)
Comprehensive, multidisciplinary service for clients recovering from Orthopaedic surgery or multi-trauma incidents, clients with multiple or complex musculoskeletal problems or rheumatological conditions.

Dental - Community Dental Services - phone: 5454 7994
General dental, denture or specialist care is available to those who are eligible. Some groups have priority access and emergency care is available with the most serious dental problems treated first.
The following people are eligible:

  • all children 0-12 years
  • young people 13-17 who are health care or pension concession card holders
  • people aged over 18 who are health care or pension concession card holders

Bendigo Health - Dentist List

Bendigo Health - Pathways for public dental treatment for adults

Bendigo Health - Pathways for public dental treatment for children

Bendigo Health - Pathways for public dental treatment for dentures

    Click here to visit the dedicated Community Dental page.

    Diabetes Services -

    • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service
      This service provides continuous glucose monitoring over a 7 day period to assist in the optimal management of blood glucose control.
    • Diabetes Education
      Provides education for people with all types of diabetes inclusive of type 1, type 2, diabetes in pregnancy and paediatric diabetes.
    • Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic
      Clinic for all pregnant women with either pre-existing or gestational diabetes.
    • Diabetic Foot Clinic
      Multi disciplinary services for people with significant complications and foot pathologies, peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease due to diabetes.
    • Insulin Commencement and Adjustment   
      Educates people on initiation of insulin and provides opportunity for insulin adjustment as necessary.
    • Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Clinic
      Provides support and education for people up to the age of 20 with diabetes.
    • Insulin Pump Review (CSII) Clinic

    Dietetics and Nutrition
    The department of nutrition and dietetics provides a range of nutrition services across Bendigo Health as an integral part of an holistic approach to health care.

    District Nursing Service
    Bendigo Health's District Nursing Service provides care to people in their own home. Services provided by the District Nursing Service include, wound management, medication management, nursing support and maintenance to the highly dependent and/or frail and aged, nursing care following hospital discharge and assessment and referral to other service providers.

    Exercise Physiology      
    This service provides acute exercise physiology services and outpatient rehabilitation multidisciplinary services.

    Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH)
    Enables frail aged people to remain in their homes supported by high level care.

    Falls and Mobility Clinic
    Specialist multidisciplinary service focussing on the assessment and management of clients with falls, mobility, balance and vestibular problems.

    Flexible Care Packages, Case Management Services
    Flexible support packages offer support to individuals seeking short-term assistance (approximately three months) and people requiring intensive or longer term support.

    HACC Allied Health Services      
    Supports people who are frail, aged or have a disability, to continue to live at home safely and independently.

    Hand and Upper Limb Clinic
    Assessment, consultation and treatment of post surgical or traumatic injuries including tendon and nerve repairs, burns and scar management, joint replacements, sensory deficits and hyper sensitivity.
    HARP Chronic Disease Management
    The HARP service supports people with chronic and complex illness to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, emergency department presentations and improve quality of life.
    Intake Program

    High risk foot clinic
    Multidisciplinary services for people with foot pathologies placing them at a high risk of amputation (eg. foot ulceration, infection, Charcot’s Neuroarthropathy) due to diabetes or other conditions. 

    Home Assessment & Rehabilitation Team (HART)
    The Home Assessment and Rehabilitation Team is a health care team which provides assessment and therapy services to people in their homes.

    The Hospice is a specially designed 18 bed facility which provides specialist palliative care to patients with a life threatening condition, who no longer need acute care.  Hospice care can include end stage care, symptom relief (including radiotherapy), and respite.  

    Hospital in the Home (HITH)
    The hospital in the home program aims to provide individualised and holistic care to patients who require home based nursing care.
    HITH referral for DVT or Cellulitis
    Hospital in the Home

    Memory Clinic (Cognition, Dementia, Memory)
    A specialist multidisciplinary early diagnostic team who assists people with memory loss or changes in their thinking and those who support them.

    Occupational Therapy Community and Outpatient Services
    Occupational Therapy provides assessment and intervention.

    Paediatric Rehabilitation Clinic
    Specialist multidisciplinary team catering for children and adolescents

    Pain Management Group
    A multidisciplinary service for people with chronic, non-cancer pain that has not responded to usual medical management and therapies.

    Palliative Care
    Bendigo Community Palliative Care service works with people who have a terminal illness, their families, carers and the community in promoting and providing choices in quality palliative care.

    BCPCS will operate as a 6 day per week service excluding public holidays (Mondays to Saturdays - 8am to 4.30pm). Queries or consultative advice related to patients of the service during these times can be accessed by contacting the on-call palliative care nurse on 0417 391 502. Referrals for new patients can be sent to the Bendigo Health Referral Centre via email fax 03 54547099.

    Clients referred to this stream who have pain as a major part of their diagnosis are invited to these sessions. The goal is to introduce concepts of understanding and self managing chronic pain. 

    This service provides acute outpatient physiotherapy services outpatient rehabilitation multidisciplinary services.

    The Post Acute Care (PAC) program provides individually tailored packages of care to patients needing additional support with their recuperation following discharge from hospital.

    Pulmonary CHF Rehabilitation Program
    For people with moderate to severe chronic lung disease or chronic heart failure who are medically stable and have optimal medication management.

    Regional Community Continence Service 
    A team of experienced health professionals who provide assessment and treatment for clients of all ages with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor muscle problems. 
    National Continence Helpline (free call) 1800 330 066  

    Residential In-reach Program
    A nurse led program that provides specialist assessment, co-ordination, care provision and treatment for residents within aged care facilitators.

    Rural Health Team
    The Rural Health Team is a program that supports people who are frail, aged or have a disability, to continue to live at home safely and independently. Services are provided to people who live in rural towns and communities in the local government areas of Campaspe, Gannawarra, Buloke, Loddon and the City of Greater Bendigo.

    Speech Pathology
    Speech pathologists can be found in almost all areas of Bendigo Health - on the Bendigo Hospital campus, Anne Caudle Centre campus and in local and regional teams servicing the Loddon Mallee region.

    Spinal Injury Clinic
    Specialised multidisciplinary team who have established close links with the Victorian Spinal Cord Service and inpatient services at local and metropolitan hospitals to ensure a smooth continuous service.

    Transition Care Program (TCP)
    The Transition Care Program (TCP) provides short-term care to help with the functioning and independence of older people after a hospital stay.

    Tissue Trauma Clinic
    Specialist multidisciplinary services for individuals within the Loddon Mallee Region. Nurse led assessment and management service for clients with chronic complex wounds and scars and specialist lymphoedema education and management including the at risk population post surgery and/or radiotherapy.

    Veteran’s Affairs Network
    The Veterans' Affairs Network provides a service to veterans, widows, family members and carers of veterans.

    Wound Management (Regional)
    Supporting health services to improve wound management practices.  

    Young Adults with Complex Care Needs
    Specialist multi-disciplinary team who assess and prepare young people between 16 to 25 in the transition from paediatric to adult health services.

    Medical Imaging

    The Medical Imaging Department provides an extensive, high quality imaging service to inpatients of the Bendigo Hospital and Anne Caudle Centre campuses.
    Services are also provided to outpatients referred from hospital clinics, specialists and general practitioners in Bendigo and surrounding areas.

    The imaging services provided include:
    • General radiography including emergency, intravenous pyleograms (IVPs), fluoroscopy studies
    • CT scanning including 3D reconstructed images
    • Ultrasound which covers all general, obstetric, small parts, musculo-skeletal and vascular examinations
    • Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) including interventional examinations
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    Normal Hours/Bookings:
    The Medical Imaging Department is open from 8.30am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday with a full radiological, nursing and office service.
    Please phone (03) 5454 8630 during business hours for all bookings.

    No appointment is necessary for general radiographic work, Monday to Friday.

    Useful Links


    Psychiatric Services

    Phone: 1300 363 788       Fax: 5454 7780

    Psychiatric Services staff provide treatment for patients in the Loddon, Campaspe, Southern Mallee region (from Gisborne to Swan Hill), across all age groups, predominantly focussed on those with acute risk or severe psychiatric illness. Inpatient units are all located in Bendigo, while outpatient teams operate during office hours in locations throughout the catchment.

    For those unfamiliar with Psychiatric Services - Navigating Psychiatric Services document  

    GP Services 

    There are also a variety of support services specifically for GPs:

    Annual Review Clinic

    • This clinic is for those patients with a major mental health issue, who are now stable, and have been discharged from Bendigo Health into the ongoing care of their GPs. Referrals can be made by contacting the triage service on 1300 363788.

    Bendigo Health Primary Mental Health Team

    • support direct to the GP to assist them to manage patients with high prevalence disorders (such as anxiety or depression).
    • Phone: 54406529 Fax: 54406502. 
    • Any new referrals to the Bendigo Health Primary Mental Health Team should be directed to the Regional Mental Health Triage Service which can be contacted on 1300 363 788 or by Fax on 5454 7780.


    Referral for assessment and treatment, or for further advice, is through the Psychiatry Regional Triage Service on 1300 363 788, staffed 24/7 by experienced clinicians.

    Directions for uploading these are as READ ME FIRST (click here). Once imported, they will then auto populate from your desktop.

    Rehabilitation/GEM inpatient

    ALL REFERRALS via Bendigo Health Referral Centre

    Rehabilitation and Geriatric Medicine referral form

    Bendigo Health Referral Centre
    Telephone: 1300 733 581
    Fax: 1300 733 589 or (03) 5454 7099
    Mail: PO Box 126, Bendigo, 3552

    Bendigo Health has two wards that provide both Inpatient Rehabilitation and Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) services:
    Ward 4C:     Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (16 beds)
                         GEM (16 beds)
    Ward 6C:     Neurological and Stroke Rehabilitation (16 beds) 
                         GEM (16 beds); incorporating up to four Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) beds

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Services: Within ward 4C and 6C, Bendigo Health provides rehabilitation expertise in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, amputee, stroke, neurological and acquired brain injury rehabilitation. After illness or injury patients may require assessment and intervention to return to their best possible state of physical functioning. Our rehabilitation program provides multidisciplinary care (medical, nursing, dietetics, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, and speech pathology). Other specialities within Bendigo Health can be accessed as required during a patient’s stay, often delivered within the ward.

    Inpatient Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) Services: The primary goal of GEM is to improve the functioning of patient’s with multi-dimensional needs associated with medical conditions related to ageing, such as a tendency to fall, incontinence, reduced mobility and cognitive impairment. Patients may also have psychosocial problems. Treatment aims to maximise both functional ability and living arrangements for older adults. Our GEM program provides multidisciplinary care (medical, nursing, dietetics, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, and speech pathology). Other specialities within Bendigo Health can be accessed as required during a patient’s stay, often delivered within the wards.

    Contact details:
    Referrals:   03 5454 7117
    Ward 4C:   03 5454 9190
    Ward 6C:   03 5454 9184       


    The Bendigo Health Renal Service offers comprehensive and multidisciplinary assessment, care and management of kidney disease and kidney failure and is the key renal hub referral centre for the Loddon Mallee region.

    One of our overarching ambitions is to work collaboratively with the Primary Care team and other Specialists to provide first class evidence based services for individuals with chronic and end stage kidney disease in consultation with them and with a view to promote informed choice, optimum health and quality of life. The Bendigo Health Renal Service welcomes referrals to Renal Outpatient Clinics (see below), offering chronic kidney disease care collaboration and advanced kidney disease management, including education and counselling, preparation and post-care for kidney transplantation, training and support for dialysis at home, dialysis in community settings close to home and supportive care. A suite of nephrology services, including specialist clinics and well-equipped inpatient dialysis services, are now provided in the new Bendigo Health Hospital.

    Bendigo Health works in partnership with the University of Tasmania to provide Division 1 Registered Nurses in the region with the opportunity to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Renal Nursing with the aim to equip staff for employment in this growing field of care. Bendigo Health Renal Service also offers renal education opportunities for students to external parties and to medical and nursing staff of the Loddon Mallee region, including Primary Care. 

    Any general enquiries regarding the Renal Service and its operations can be made during business hours on 5454 8044. 

    Clinic Location

    Specialist Clinic B, Level 1, New Bendigo Hospital, Mercy Street. 


    Referrals to any of the renal services offered may be made via the Bendigo Health Referral Centre. 

      Nephrology Clinic

      Nephrology Clinic - treats patients with acute and/or chronic renal failure.

      Booking phone number 5454 7571 or 5454 8896
      Office hours 8:30am to 4:30pm, Mon to Fri 
      (Closed public holidays)

      Clinic frequency - Fortnightly

      Clinical information requirements that supplement the referral form

      Referral letter should include:

      • a detailed patient history including which allied health services the patient is already linked to and an up-to-date medication list.
      • notes on any relevant pathology/radiology results with copies of results accompanying the referral letter.

      Pathology required for renal clinic

      • FBE 
      • U&E&Creatinine, Calcium, PO4
      • Albumin 
      • B12, Folate, Iron Stores 
      • PTH 
      • Fasting BSL and HbA1c (if diabetic) 
      • MSU plus phase contrast microscopy 
      • If urine dipstick positive for protein - PCR on random spot urine sample, repeated in a few weeks if first one abnormal 
      • eGFR (serial-3 recent results over last six months) 
      • ACR/PCR 
      • BP history over last six months


      Renal ultrasound

      Please emphasise to patients the importance that they bring the following with them to clinic:

      • all current medications in their original packaging (or Webster pack) including non-prescription medications. 
      • any self-monitoring diaries such as blood glucose monitoring booklet
      • symptom or food intake diaries
      • all correspondence from recently attended medical appointments if applicable

      Incomplete referrals will be returned to the referring health professional and may cause delay in appointments being booked.

      Wait Time

      Approximate wait time for non-urgent referred patients is up to three months, although URGENT assessments can be seen within days. If there are concerns about the urgency of assessment for your patient, please call and discuss the case with the Renal Registrar on 03 5454 8052 or the on-call renal Physician via the Bendigo Hospital switchboard on 03 5454 6000.

      Useful links

      Specialist Outpatient Clinics

      Phone: 5454 8896          Fax: 5454 8922

      Specialist Clinics (Outpatients) are the referral centre for patients seeking consultation for elective and non-emergency treatment at Bendigo Health’s hospital campus as a public patient. Women’s Health, Allied Health, and Sub-acute outpatients also conduct clinics into which you can refer your patient.

      Referrals will be triaged according to clinical need by the team in the specialty required for your patient’s condition. The more information you include with your referral, the better able we are to make an accurate assessment of your patient’s needs.

      Please note that our Cardiology, Paediatric Medical, and Respiratory Clinics are MBS clinics and as such the referral should be to a named consultant, be dated and include your provider number before we can accept it.

      Both you and your patient will be notified of the outcome of the referral.

      The demand for Specialist Clinics is high. Consequently, waiting times for some specialties can be quite lengthy.

      Should you have any queries regarding your patient’s referral, please contact the Clinic Liaison Nurse on phone: 5454 7571, fax: 5454 8922, mobile: 0447 511 791.

      Specialist clinic services not available:
      • Neurosurgery
      • Circumcision
      • Drug and Alcohol
      • Dermatology
      • Sleep studies
      • Rheumatology
      • Gastric banding/stapling
      • Vascular

      Please note that specific referral templates and clinical requirements are listed under some of the following services. Directions for uploading these are as READ ME FIRST (click here). Once imported, they will then auto populate from your desktop.

      Specialist clinic services available:

      The following specialist clinics are available at Bendigo Health:

      Breast Clinic

      Please useVSRF form or similar.

      Cardiology Clinic -  assesses and treats cardiac conditions.

      Best Practice Bendigo Health Cardiology GP Referral form

      Medical Director Bendigo Health Cardiology GP Referral form 

      Ear, nose, throat (ENT) - assessment of medical and surgical ENT conditions.

      Please use VSRF form or similar.        


      Endoscopy Referral Form - to be used as a second page to the VSRF/generic referral 
      Patient Medical Questionnaire for Bendigo Health Endoscopy
      If a patient is being referred to Bendigo Health for endoscopy, please give the patient the medical questionnaire to complete while they are in the practice.
      When the questionnaire has been completed by the patient and handed to the practice staff, please could it be scanned and emailed to patient services at Bendigo Health to 


      Fractures Clinic - treats acute fractures (adult and paediatric).


      Please use VSRF form or similar.    

      General Medical Clinic - includes Endocrinology and Gastroenterology Clinics.

      Please use VSRF form or similar.           

      General Surgery - (includes head, neck and thoracic) - referral letter should include a reasonable patient history including which allied health services the patient is already linked to and up-to-date medication list. Notes on any relevant pathology/radiology results with copies of results accompanying the referral letter.

      Clinical information requirements for referral form. 

      Infectious Diseases Clinic - Read more 

      Requested testing for referral to Bendigo Health Infectious Diseases Service

      Click here for GP prescribing of Hep C drugs. 


      Nephrology Clinic - Read more

      Please use VSRF form or similar.          

      Ophthalmology this clinic handles medical and surgical conditions of the eye.

      Please use VSRF form or similar.    

      Orthopaedic Surgery

      Please use VSRF form or similar.       
      Osteoarthritis Hip and Knee Service - this service co-ordinates the management of patients with hip and knee pain and helps prioritise patients on outpatient and elective surgery waiting lists.

      Best Practice Osteoarthritis Hip and Knee GP Referral Form

      Medical Director Osteoarthritis Hip and Knee GP Referral Form

      Referral for Hip and Knee pain - to be used as a second page to the VSRF

      Paediatric Medical and Paediatric Surgical Clinic - treats paediatric medical and paediatric surgical conditions.

      Please use VSRF form or similar.    

      Respiratory Medicine Clinic - Is supported by a multidisciplinary team providing assessment and management of acute and chronic respiratory disease, including investigation of lung masses, provision of lung function, inhaler education and chest physiotherapy. The Home Oxygen Clinic is run in parallel by the Chronic Respiratory Disease Nurse Practitioner, supported by a respiratory physician.

      Please use VSRF form or similar.    

      Urology Clinic - endoscopy patients seen in General Surgical Clinics or referred to patient services for direct admissions. Click here for investigation requirements prior to appointments.
      Phone: 03 5454 7537         Fax: 5454 7586

      Best Practice VSRF and Urology GP Referral Form

      Medical Director VSRF and Urology GP Referral Form

      Women's Health and Maternity Services

       Phone: 5454 7288         Fax: 54547286

      The Women’s Health Centre at Bendigo Health Care Group is an outpatient facility that provides gynaecology and antenatal care for women of the Bendigo and Loddon Mallee region. Clinics offered in this service include antenatal care, colposcopy, gynaecology, family planning, gestational diabetes and antenatal assessments.

      The Maternity Service at Bendigo Health is the birthplace for approximately 1300 babies annually and is a level 5 service in the Victorian Maternity Services Capability Framework. Our Maternity Service cares for women birthing from 32 weeks gestation and is supported by a Level 2 Special Care Baby Unit. Women’s and Children’s Services at Bendigo Health is supported by an experienced workforce of Consultant Obstetricians/Gynaecologists and Paediatricians. 

      In addition, a large multidisciplinary team consisting of midwives, junior medical staff, registered nurses, maternity support clinicians and allied health staff support the needs of women and families who come into our service.

      Referrals -

      Directions for uploading these are as READ ME FIRST (click here). Once imported, they will then auto populate from your desktop.

      Early Pregnancy Assessment Service

      GPs and Maternity Care

      Bendigo Health encourages all appropriately qualified GPs to apply to be credentialed as a Shared Maternity Care Affiliate. Application is via an online web-based credentialing program, eCredential. An example of the required qualifications/information has been attached. Please contact the Executive Assistant to the Chief Medical Officer, Shirley Turner, to initiate this process -email or phone 5454 6573

      Every three years, affiliates will be invited to undertake reaccreditation in order to maintain their affiliation. Reaccreditation criteria differ from initial accreditation criteria.

      Re-accreditation requirements for GP Shared Maternity Care affiliates for 2020-2022 are:

      ·         evidence of 10 RACGP Category 2 CPD points related to pregnancy obtained over the course of the 2017 -2019  triennium
      ·         evidence of current Medical Indemnity Insurance

      ·         evidence of current Practice Accreditation


      Gynaecology Clinic:

      Treats women with abnormal gynaecological problems, performs medical and surgical assessments and addresses fertility issues. The general gynaecology clinic also includes family planning and contraceptive advice and implantables. There is no IVF capacity, so please refer these patients directly to private or public IVF providers.

      Gynaecology workup to accompany referral

      Colposcopy Clinic:
      Provides specialist assessment and of abnormal findings from pap smear results

      Antenatal Clinic:
      Presenting women may be offered care options such as shared care with a GP, midwives’ care or one on one midwifery care through the MAMTA program.

      Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic:
      Clinic for all pregnant women with either pre-existing or gestational diabetes and in some cases, abnormal thyroid function.

      Useful links


      GP Liaison Officer

      The Bendigo Health GP liaison officer has a role to facilitate communication between the hospital and General Practitioners, to liaise with Medicare Locals and to assist GPs in accessing hospital services.

      Bendigo Health invites any feedback, comments and suggestions as to how our services can be improved to optimise a collaborative working relationship. Please email mailto: for feedback on our health service.  Otherwise contact our GP liaison officer on (03) 5454 9073, 0400 710 919 or fax: (03) 5454 8199

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