Mental Health Undergraduate Program

Mental Health Undergraduate Program

Welcome to Bendigo Health Mental Health Undergraduate Nurse Program. This page is designed to assist in preparing you for your clinical placement with Mental Health. The page offers a variety of resources and access to your orientation package. Students please note that due to COVID 19 restrictions, orientation is not provided face-to-face until further notice and students are required to attend allocated area directly on the first day of placement. 

It is essential that you complete the Mental Health Undergraduate student placement orientation package, at least three days prior to the commencement of your placement. You will be required to finalise the completion of your online orientation by filling out a survey monkey, the link to this survey will be sent to your student email via your education provider. The orientation package is a mandatory requirement and is additional to the Bendigo Health Organisational wide orientation requirements (in which you would have received correspondence about from our clinical placement team).

2020 Mental Health Undergraduate Orientation

Before Your First Day

  1. Work through the orientation Power Point Program online, please be aware of additional information hidden within the speaker icons and we encourage you to watch the videos embedded.
  2. Please print off a copy of the CASP document that has been sent to your student email via your education provider. You will be required to fill this out during an activity when you review the orientation power point program.  
  3. Read the Orientation manual provided under resources (it may be helpful to print off for your placement as this provides helpful information and tips).
  4. Please make yourself familiar with the contact details and shift times for your placement area, this resource document will be sent to your student email via your education provider.
  5. Prepare your objectives and set out a plan for your placement on how to achieve these. Starting with setting aside some time with your shift buddy on your first day to go over and discuss these objectives.

On your first day

  • Please be on time and if you are unsure of your shift time and for any other queries regarding your placement contact Clinical Placement team or Mental Health Professional Development Unit (MHPDU).
  • Please note that uniforms are required for all inpatient unit placements (AAU/ECU/OPU) and neat casual professional attire is required for all other placements areas including residential. Please refer to your orientation manual for additional information regarding expectations for your placement with us.
  • On arrival you will be orientated to your placement area and introduced to your shift buddy and support staff, it is important that you use this time to become familiar with the area you are working in and to ensure you can access systems appropriate for your working area and scope of practice
  • You will be provided with Bendigo Health login details via placement team and these are sent to your student email, this will give you access to a Bendigo Health email address as well as database necessary for you to work during your placement. It is vital that you regularly check your email provided for correspondence.

We hope that you enjoy your placement with us and we look forward to working with you and supporting you in your clinical placement in Mental Health Services.