Planning for the future

Thursday, June 23, 2022
Planning for the future Bendigo Health Board Chair Ewa Piejko reads through the latest strategic plan.
Bendigo Health has launched its Strategic Plan 2022-2025 which focuses on proactive planning for the expansion of services to serve our region’s growing population.

The Strategic Plan 2022-2025 is a key document endorsed by Bendigo Health’s Board of Directors and sets the direction for the health service these next three years.

The organisation’s priorities are detailed in the strategic plan and take into account feedback received during consultation with Bendigo Health staff and volunteers, community members and stakeholders. 

Bendigo Health Board Chair, Dr Ewa Piejko, said a key element of the plan was the five year Clinical Services Plan.

“This is a plan which values innovation, working in collaboration with community and undertaking proactive, informed planning for new and expanded services so we meet the needs of our region’s diverse population,” Dr Piejko said.

“Healthcare has seen significant, rapid change. Throughout the pandemic, Bendigo Health has led the way in our region, adapting how we provide care to people in need of our services.

“The new strategic plan highlights the many opportunities to have come from the pandemic such as increasing the use of digital technology to provide more people with access to quality healthcare from home.”

Watch a video about the new Bendigo Health Strategic Plan 2022-2025 .