Care after giving birth

Care after giving birth

Feeding your baby

Bendigo Health supports a family’s right to choose their feeding method for their newborn infant.

Breast feeding is the ideal nutrition for infants in the first six months of life. Breast milk contains all the vitamins and nutrients a baby needs.

While all our midwives are able to provide support and education concerning breastfeeding we have a lactation consultant service available if specialist support is required during your hospital stay. This service is available for six weeks after giving birth and is available by pre-arranged appointment or by phoning 5454 7288.

Australian Breast Feeding association 24 hour Help Line 1800686268.

Support Services for New Parents During COVID-19

Mothers can contact a lactation consultant Monday-Friday (except Public Holidays) for up to six weeks post birth, on 03 5454 7293.

Lactation Hotline and Telehealth service for feeding support and advice is currently under development. Please keep checking the Bendigo Health website and Facebook page for ongoing information regarding the commencement date of these services.


Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)
Chat online 4-10pm daily

ABA Breastfeeding helpline: 1800 686 268

YouTube: Bendigo Health Best Beginnings - information regarding feeding and sleep for infants up to three months of age

Raising Children Network

COVID-19 Information for Parents with Infants and Young Children

Hugs and Kisses Infant Protection System

Each family is offered a unobtrusive, soft, tamper-proof ‘Hugs’ tag attached around their babies ankle that will be worn for the duration of their hospital stay. The security system keeps baby safe by activating hospital security cameras, locking doors and security alerts if the strap is cut or tampered with or if the infant is moved to an unauthorized zone. This Hugs tag will be in addition to the three hospital name tags.

Sudden unexpected death in infancy and safe sleeping (SUDS)

For information of sudden unexpected death in infancy and safe sleeping visit:

Length of stay

Our routine length of stay is individualised. Some women who have had a vaginal birth may feel comfortable being discharged after 4 hours while others may wish to stay overnight. For caesarean section births a stay of 2- 3 days is usual but all families will be supported in making plans for discharge.

Midwifery Home-Care (MHC)

This extension of post natal care is a service that provides visits to women in their homes. These visits are attended by an experienced midwife to assist in the smooth transition from the hospital environment to home. This care is offered to:

  •  All women who birth at Bendigo Health
  • Women referred to our service who birthed elsewhere for example Tertiary/Metropolitan hospitals
  • Referrals from Special Care Baby Unit and the Child and Adolescent Ward.

The MHC midwife will refer your care to the maternal and child care nurse.

Maternal Child Health Nurse

The Maternal and Child Health Service is run by the city council and is a free service available to all parents and carers with children from birth to school age. For more information on the service please click here.

Maternal and Child Health 24 hour help line 132 229.


In hospital we will commence your baby’s routine immunisation schedule by offering the first hepatitis B vaccine. Vitamin K will also be offered at this time.

Further routine immunisations will be provided by the City of Greater Bendigo or your local council at no cost. This is to protect the health and wellbeing of the general population. For more information and for the latest immunisation sessions please click here.

Pets and children

If you have pets, you should consider preparing them for the new addition to the family.

Car seats

It is your responsibility to ensure your baby goes home in a properly fitted car seat. Incorrect or inappropriate use of child car restraints increases the risk of injury to a child in a crash. For more information click here.


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