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Bendigo Health hosted an orientation tour of the hospital for people with low vision as part of Vision Australia's White Cane Day.

Hidden Healthcare takes a look behind the scenes at some of the people powering regional Victoria's largest hospital.

Adalie Fawkner had a stroke in utero. Her parents hope sharing her story will raise awareness of paediatric stroke ahead of a Stroke Association of Victoria fundraiser.


Great Outdoors Raffle
01 OCT - 15 APR

Great Outdoors Raffle

Bendigo Health’s Great Outdoors Raffle is a key fundraiser to enhance the healthcare available to those in the region.

2019 Bendigo Christmas Concert 08 DEC

2019 Bendigo Christmas Concert Bendigo Stadium

The 2019 Christmas Concert will be held on Sunday 8 December at the Bendigo Stadium.

Bendigo Health 2020 Japan Trek
05 OCT - 12 OCT

Bendigo Health 2020 Japan Trek Japan

Bendigo Health 2020 Japan Trek - Trek for Mental Health

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