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Shaping the future of health service delivery to give our communities a great experience throughout the Loddon Mallee region.
About us

About us

The Loddon Mallee Health Network (LMHN) is an unincorporated joint venture governed by CEO’s of public hospitals from the Loddon Mallee region.

The LMHN respects the sovereignty of local governance of each hospital and health service Board of Management and the strategic focus of the LMHN Regional Plan 2020+ was developed in conjunction with Board Chairperson input and endorsement.

Individual Boards of Management have openly acknowledged that operating
strategically and collaboratively across the region strengthens the future offering and viability of health care services to our communities.

The LMHN is a voluntary arrangement and is not a proxy for amalgamations or mergers.

Meet the Board
What we do

What we do

The region has a commitment to furthering the quality and safety of health care provision.   As such the driving force for the creation of the LMHN was to ensure a great person centered care experience across the entire region, a first of its kind in the state of Victoria.

In the Loddon Mallee region, the LMHN has the remit to deliver on Health Service Partnership (HSP) Priorities as outlined by the Victorian Department of Health.

The health services within the region work together to ensure every hospital is safe, sustainable and providing the most appropriate services for patients based on the skill mix of the staff and the physical infrastructure of each hospital.

LMHN Regional Plan 2020+

As lead member, Bendigo Health is proud to host the webpage and associated supports for the LMHN.