Commonly asked questions

Commonly asked questions

Commonly asked questions

Where do I go?

One of the interview nurses will collect your paperwork from the desk and take you into an interview room. They will ask you all the questions relevant to your stay and take your vital signs. If you are the first/next patient into theatre, you will be taken to the holding bay where you are changed into theatre attire. If you are not the next patient into theatre, you will be moved into the waiting room.

Why do I wear my shoes to theatre?

We generally do like to remove shoes, for most cases. However there are some procedures where this is not necessary.

Can I have my mobile phone while waiting for theatre?

You can use your mobile right up until you are taken to theatre. When staff come to collect you for theatre, you will need to put your phone in your bag/belongings.

Will they take my glasses off, teeth out and hearing aids out?

Glasses and hearing aids will be removed in theatre, they will be returned to you in recovery. If dentures are removed, they will be returned to you in recovery. Contact lenses are not to be worn to theatre and must be removed.

Can I walk around the hospital while waiting?

If you have a long wait please contact staff. They will advise you about how long you can walk around the hospital. You must have your current mobile details recorded, and your mobile phone operational and on your person to answer if you are required earlier than expected.

Why is my identity checked so many times before going to theatre?

This is to ensure your safety. Your identity, surgery and allergies will be checked on admission, medication administration, transfer of care (from one nurse to another) and immediately prior to anaesthetic.

What can I do while I wait?

You can watch TV, you can bring newspapers or magazines to read or complete crosswords/puzzles. You are able to walk around the hospital (as long as you don’t have anything to eat or drink). If you have children who are going for surgery and have to wait there is a children’s playground on Level 3, please ask staff for directions.

Who can wait with me?

Only one person can go into the waiting room with you. They are welcome to wait with you until you go into theatre. When you are in holding bay your significant other must remain in the waiting area, or they can leave and be contacted by our team when you are ready for discharge or if you are returning to the ward.

How long will I be in theatre/recovery?

This is dependent on what type of surgery and anaesthetic you are having. It’s best to discuss this with the nurse while you are being admitted. The nurse will be able to give you a generalised estimate about how long the surgeon expects the surgery to take and your anticipated arrival to the ward, or discharge home.