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Important information for leaving

Important information for leaving

If you are coming in for a day procedure and having a general anaesthetic you must have a support person stay with you overnight, otherwise you will not be discharged.

If you are not able to arrange this, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.

After a general anaesthetic you will not be allowed to:

  • Drive
  • Operate any machinery
  • Sign any legal documents
  • Drink any alcohol

After your day procedure our team will want to make sure you are ok to go home. It will be normal to have some drowsiness and some controlled discomfort. However, if you have any concerns please let our team know.

When you meet our discharge criteria, you will be able to go home. Will give you discharge instructions and medication if need be, we can also arrange your follow up appointment if you need one.

If you give us your permission we will call you the next business day to make sure that you are recovering as planned. Please feel welcome to ask questions and alert us to any concerns you may have.

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