Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership

What is a public-private partnership?

The Bendigo Hospital Project was delivered as a public-private partnership (PPP) under the State Government’s Partnerships Victoria policy.

Under a PPP, the government contracts with a private sector consortium to design, build and finance state infrastructure (such as hospitals, roads or prisons) as well as maintain that infrastructure and provide other ancillary services. 

The Exemplar Health consortium was responsible for designing and building the new Bendigo Hospital and providing a range of facilities management services to the new building for 25 years.

In 2017, the Victorian Government entered into a 25-year contract with Exemplar Health, for the facility and non-clinical services.

The public sector (Bendigo Health Care Group) on behalf of the state is primarily responsible for:

  • Operating the hospital/core clinical services
  • Teaching, training and research

The private sector (Exemplar Health) is responsible for:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance of the hospital building and a range of non-clinical services including:
    • Meal Service
    • Cleaning Services
    • Porter Services
    • Car Park Management
    • Grounds Maintenance and
    • Security Services

Exemplar Health consortium consists of Capella Capital as sponsor, Lend Lease as builder and provider of equity, Downer as facilities and non-clinical services manager and Siemens as equity provider. 

Under the PPP Contract, Exemplar Health have also facilitated delivery of a number of commercial developments including:

Facts and figures

The new hospital build saw:

  • 134,000 tonnes of soil excavated
  • 33,000 m3 of concrete poured
  • 147,000 tonnes of excavated materials
  • 627 tonnes of structural steel used
  • Façade materials combine to cover 28,996 m2
  • Installed 14,000 m2 of glazing to facade
  • Installed roofing covers 9,201 m2
  • 1152 precast walls installed
  • 3158 doors installed
  • 72,150 m2 vinyl Installed to floors, walls and skirting
  • Total area of carpet is 10,169 m2
  • 225,000 m2 of plasterboard installed
  • Installed a 200-kW solar system which will generate 285,000 of kW-hours each year
  • A maximum total of 790 workers onsite at the project’s peak period of Stage One activity
  • Four tower cranes were onsite at the peak of the Stage One project
    (m3 = cubic metres; m2 = square metres)

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