Vaccine FAQs

Vaccine FAQs

Vaccine FAQs

Where can I get vaccinated?

The COVID-19 Community Vaccination Clinic on 113-133 Mollison Street, Bendigo, is the vaccination hub for the Loddon Mallee region. Vaccination Clinics are being run in Mildura, Swan Hill, Castlemaine and Echuca – check with your local health service in that area.

How do I book?

You can book here:[email protected]/bookings/s/VeMW36UlX02lPXTpu-qejQ2?fbclid=IwAR2LJ5Sxz9C7UmpbVXwWFPWvOvQikKIfhLulSwp5jzt2B8nKsB6iDWmYHLA


What are your opening hours?

Sunday and Monday: Closed

Tuesday and Thursday 11am to 6.30pm

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am to 5.30pm


Walk-in appointments are available as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday 12noon to 6.30pm

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11am to 5.30pm

How do I know if I’m eligible?

*Updated October 11

AstraZeneca is available to those aged 18 and over.

Pfizer and Moderna is available to those aged 12 and over.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring some form of identification, your medicare card and proof of employment, if applicable.

I have an underlying medical issue/take medication. Who can I talk to about what vaccine to receive and whether I should get it?

Please discuss with your GP in the first instance. If your GP believes your existing medical condition or medical history puts you at risk of receiving a certain vaccine, they can fill out a referral form on your behalf to the Victorian Specialist Immunisation Services (VicSIS).  The outcome of your referral will be sent back to your GP once assessed by VicSIS.

Vaccine FAQs

Will the vaccine stop me from getting COVID?

The vaccines will keep you out of hospital and stop you getting critically unwell with the disease.

Studies are being undertaken to see whether the vaccines reduce your risk of contracting COVID. Emerging evidence suggests vaccines can significantly reduce your risk of getting COVID-19.

Can you get vaccinated if you have cough and cold or recently had COVID?

Please get tested for COVID-19 in the first instance. If you have minor symptoms and are improving then it’s ok to get vaccinated. You should not be vaccinated if you are feeling unwell.

You can get vaccinated after a COVID-19 infection as soon as you have recovered from the infection and are feeling well.

How long should it be between first and second doses?

Pfizer three weeks.

AstraZeneca six weeks. A few days after the 6 week second dose does not impact the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Moderna 4 weeks.

Novovax 3 weeks.

I am pregnant, considering getting pregnant or breastfeeding - is it safe for me to have the vaccine?

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has ruled the Pfizer vaccine is safe for pregnant women. You are also safe to get vaccinated if considering getting pregnant or breastfeeding. More information is available here.

Can i get the flu shot and COVID shot at the same time?

ATAGI has advised that influenza vaccines can be co-administered (on the same day) with a COVID-19 vaccine.

Subject to the availability of influenza vaccines, co-administration with COVID-19 booster vaccines could be a prompt for influenza vaccination.


How can i get in contact?

Can i get a booster shot?

COVID-19 third dose vaccinations are available at our Mollison Street clinic to anyone aged 18 and over.

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How do i get my vaccine passport?

Fully vaccinated Central Victorians can visit: for information on how to get proof of vaccination.

How can i get my 5-11 year old child vaccinated?

Using the links below

Paed Pfizer Dose 1

Paed Pfizer Dose 2