Cancer Research

Cancer Research

The Bendigo Cancer Centre Research Unit (BCCRU) participate in both national and international clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that involve patients that have volunteered to participate. Clinical trials are conducted to investigate new ways to treat and manage cancer. The clinical trials offered at BCCRU are selected to address important issues relevant to our patient population and then must be both scientifically and ethically sound.

The BCCRU consists of;

Principal Investigators
Dr Sam Harris (Lead, clinical trials)
Dr Rob Blum (Medical Director)
Dr Say Ng
Dr Mark Warren
Dr Rob Campbell
Dr Sabine Roithmaier 

Cancer Research Manager
Narelle McPhee
Phone: 03 5454 8827
Email: [email protected] 

Research Nurse
Amy Clark
Felicity Osmond

Frequently asked question

What is a clinical trial and why should I take part?
A clinical trial is a scientific study, or an organised test of medicines and new treatment options involving patient and non-patient human volunteers. Clinical trials confirm whether medicines are safe and effective to introduce as new treatments for a particular disease or condition. For more information click here.

What questions should I ask?
Choosing to participate in a clinical trial is an important personal decision. Cancer Council Victoria provide a comprehensive list of question that you can ask your doctor or research nurse about clinical trials. Please click here for more information.

Cancer Council Victoria provides a free telephone support program to connect people considering participating in a clinical trial with someone who has been treated in a trial. Call 03 9514 6315 or email [email protected]

For more information visit Victorian Cancer Trials.

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