Meet the Cardiology team

Meet the Cardiology Team

Dr Voltaire Nadurata

Dr Nadurata is Bendigo Health's Director of Cardiology and leads the team of cardiologists.  Dr Voltaire's special interests are management of in chest pain, Acute Coronary Syndrome, cardiac arrhythmias, heart block and high blood pressure.  Dr Voltaire is an interventional cardiologist with a specialty in cardiac artery stenting and pacemaker insertion and implantable cardiac defibrillators.

Dr Nadurata runs a pacemaker clinic along with general cardiology clinic once a week.


Dr Hima Fernando

Dr Hima Fernando is a consultant cardiologist who works at the Alfred as well as Bendigo Health in cardiology outpatients.  Dr Fernando’s rapid access clinic assists patients with urgent referrals to be seen in a timely basis and taped into diagnostic testing early as required. 

Dr Joris Mekel

Dr Mekel specialises in clinical Electrophysiology providing EPS (electrophysiological studies), catheter ablation procedures and pacemaker and defibrillator implants.

He runs a pacemaker clinic and Arrhythmia clinic at the hospital every month.

He completed his medical and specialist training in Johannesburg, South Africa and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He lives in Bendigo with his wife and three children.

Dr Om Narayan

Dr Narayan works at Bendigo Health and the Northern Hospital as an interventional Cardiologist.  Dr Narayan specialties in angiography & cardiac artery stenting.  Dr Narayan also runs a once a month hypertension clinic in cardiology outpatients helping patients manage high blood pressure.

Dr Cengiz Cimenkaya

Dr Cengiz Cimenkaya is a general cardiologist and cardiac imaging specialist. Dr Cimenkaya graduated Medicine from The University of Melbourne with honours, and following completion of advanced cardiology training undertook fellowship in advanced echocardiography and cardiac CT at Monash Heart.

Dr Cimenkaya utilises this expertise in detailed assessment of heart failure, valvular heart disease and evaluation of chest pain and dyspnoea conducting stress echocardiograms, transoesophageal echocardiograms and reporting transthoracic echocardiograms at Bendigo Health. Dr Cimenkaya has a strong passion for teaching and leadership in healthcare and is a firm believer in empowering patients though education and respecting patient values to optimise patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Dr Rachael Lloyd

 Dr Lloyd is a Consultant Imaging cardiologist. Dr Lloyd works at Bendigo Health conducting Stress Echo’s and cardiac ultrasound reporting.  

Dr Dimuth De Silva

Dr Dimuth De Silva is a clinical cardiologist and cardiac imaging specialist with expertise in all forms of echocardiography (TTE, Stress and TOE) as well as CT coronary angiography.

Dr Dimuth De Silva graduated with first class honours and subsequently underwent further postgraduate training at BHR University Hospitals NHS trust in London. He also trained in Cardiology at Austin Health, University of Melbourne and Launceston General Hospital. He has completed a fellowship in advanced echocardiography, cardiac MRI and CT coronary angiography at Austin Health and Monash Heart. He has special interests in investigation of chest pain, cardiovascular risk assessment, heart failure, valvular heart disease and clinical cardiology. He has been involved in clinical research at Austin Health and teaching at University of Melbourne.



Dr Bala Saravanasubramanian

Dr Balashankar Saravanasubramanian is an interventional cardiologist with special interests in treating patients with various cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery diseases, cardiac arrhythmia, congestive cardiac failure and cardiomyopathy.

Balashankar has substantial training in various interventional cardiac procedures and a keen interest in chronic total occlusion and left main interventions. Balashankar offers extensive cardiac services in rural Victoria. He performs interventional cardiac procedures in Bendigo and offers consulting services in Castlemaine, Bendigo, Kerang, Swan Hill, Echuca, Sunbury and Melton. Dr Bala’s special interest include Coronary angiography, Angioplasty & Complex cardiac interventional procedures.

Dr Matias Yudi

Dr Yudi is an interventional cardiologist that works at Bendigo Health and Austin Health.  Dr Yudi works in the cardiac catheter lab where he performs angiography & interventional cardiac procedures.

His specialty is heart valve dysfunction and helps the Bendigo Community to access valve replacement and repair at Austin Health. Dr Yudi runs a valve clinic at Bendigo Health Cardiology Outpatients clinic once per fortnight.

Cardiac Sonographers

The Cardiac Sonographers are a team health professionals with specialized training in cardiac ultrasound. Cardiac ultrasounds are conducted by the sonographer within the department.  A specialist cardiologist will review the images and report the findings back to the referring doctor. The cardiac ultrasound allows for measurement of the heart structures and function.  It is a useful tool to help cardiologist team to direct care.

Cardiac Technicians

Cardiac Technicians who are health professionals with experience and expertise in cardiac care. Cardiac techs will help patients with ECGs, holter monitors, 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure and holter monitoring.  The techs will also assist with stress tests.  The cardiac techs also help run the pacing clinics that run in cardiology outpatient clinic once a week.  The cardiac techs also will assess the function of new pacemaker’s implants in patients prior to discharge home.


Cardiac Liaison Nurse Team

Cardiac Liaison Nurse Team are nurses with post graduate qualifications in intensive care and cardiac care.  The team of nurses assist with patient discharge preparation and help coordinate patients to other hospital facilities to receive higher level care. The nurse’s work closely with the cardiology team to ensure patients will have access to the cardiologist after discharge.

The Administration Team

The admin team are experienced clerical staff that will assist with booking your clinic appointments.  The admin team are key to setting up the clinics, and ensuring the cardiology department runs well and on time.  The admin team will help patient’s book appointment for cardiology diagnostic tests as well.

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