Bendigo Health Memorial Service

Virtual, via Zoom
Thursday 10 December 2020 - 2:00pm-6:00pm
Bendigo Health Memorial Service
Bendigo Health is hosting a Memorial Service online on December 10.

How can I participate in the service?

Bendigo Health's online Memorial service will be screened live via Zoom on December 10 at 2pm and repeated at 6pm and then be available at and via social media after the event.

People who register will be sent a link via the email address provided. This will mean they are able to join in the live zoom session. They will also be emailed an order of service, along with further information on participating. Anyone can watch the service after the event.

I'm not very good with technology, can you help?

There will be a zoom practice run for people unfamiliar with the technology the week before the service. If you would like to participate, please indicate this in your registration. Information on using Zoom can also be found at

Alternatively, you can just watch the service after it has been shown live.

I can't join the service, but I want my loved one to be remembered. Can I do that?

Yes, just register. You will receive an invitation via email as you have registered, but there is no obligation to be present. The parts of the service that are not interactive will be available after the event via Bendigo Health's social media and Sacred Space website (

 Why did I get an invitation?

 Invitations to this service have been sent to next of kin of those who have died between 1.5.2019 - 1.9.2020, though people are also welcome to remember others at this service.

You have received this invitation as you were named as next of kin or as an emergency contact for this person during one of their Bendigo Health admissions.  Unfortunately not all secondary contacts in our system are correct. You are welcome to invite other family members or friends to join you

What happens in the service?

The service is not a church service.  There are some universal elements, such as gathering, candles, song and sharing and it is influenced by Christian tradition. It will run for about 45 mins.

What do I need to do to prepare?

We recommend you take a little time to make the space in which you will watch the service comfortable. You may like to create your own "Sacred Space" for the service, and/or use an online candle lighting during the service. 

Will there be an Order of Service?

 Yes, an Order of Service will be emailed to all who register, and will be posted on this website closer to the date.

What if other family members/friends wish to be invited?

Anyone is welcome to register to remember those who died between 1 May 2019 and 31 August 2020.  Publicly shared information about the deceased may be merged for brevity and clarity.

What will be publicly shared?

For privacy reasons we will only include the names and mini descriptions of deceased members as they are entered in a registration form, or emailed.

The live services will have the option of sharing your camera view - either of yourself, or of a something relevant you wish to share. This is to create the community and to share the message that you are not alone in your grief.   Bendigo Health will not show this gallery view after the event. 

I'm finding this really tough

Grief is a journey – it is okay to acknowledge you may need support whether it is months, years or even decades after your loss. Bendigo Health staff members and chaplains will be present at the service online if you wish to share stories of your loved one. Services such as Lifeline and Beyond Blue are also helpful during this time.

I can’t get the registration form to work!

Send an email to [email protected] for an emailed copy of the registration form. You can then register by responding to the emailed questions.

Do I have to choose which service to attend - 2pm or 6pm?

No, you will be sent a zoom link for both services. You can choose which you will attend.


Register for the service

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