Bendigo Health becomes COVID streaming hospital

Tuesday, October 05, 2021
Bendigo Health becomes COVID streaming hospital
Bendigo Health has become a COVID streaming hospital, treating COVID patients from across the State.

Bendigo Health is a streaming hospital for adult COVID-19 patients. This means we treat COVID-19 patients from across the region and throughout the state.

The hospital has two separate emergency departments. One for patients with respiratory symptoms and one for patients requiring a range of emergency care.

All patients who present to the respiratory emergency department are treated as suspected COVID patients.

Is the hospital a safe place?

Our state of the art hospital was built with pandemics in mind, meaning we have been able to safely separate the general hospital population to respiratory patients most of the time.

Corridors, lifts and wards for COVID patients are isolated from the general hospital population and are cleaned in real-time.

 What has changed?

Bendigo Health has created a respiratory ward (6C) for COVID patients. Our 20-bed Intensive Care Unit will treat the most unwell patients. More ICU beds can be created in theatre if required. An extra ward can be opened for respiratory patients as required.

 What if you are not an adult COVID patient?

Pregnant, Mental Health and children COVID-19 patients will most likely go to specialist Melbourne hospitals. Bendigo Health will provide community care once they return back to our community.

More information on how many people we are currently treating for COVID can be found here.