Consumer Participation and Patient Experience

Consumer Participation and Patient Experience

Bendigo Health are committed to working in partnership with consumers, families and carers to continue to improve our care and services

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Joining with us as a consumer representative gives you the opportunity to provide your feedback, share your ideas, suggestions and knowledge and participate in improving our care and services across many areas. Some areas for participation are:

Committees, Reference Groups

A Member of a group (Committee, Board, advisory committee, reference group or project group) that meet regularly.

Workshops, forums or focus groups 

Short-term groups to provide a consumer perspective on specific aspects of care and treatment.

Literacy Review Group

Reviewing information and providing feedback on content, ease of reading, clarity and appropriateness - an informal, off-site process. This includes brochures, fact sheets, and website information.

Quality Improvement

Taking part in quality improvement projects.
Reviewing data and processes and assisting to develop improvement strategies.


Talk with us and share your experiences and thoughts to help Increase staff knowledge and skills 

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Time commitment is flexible depending on your availability. This may range from a one-off group meeting to attending more regular meetings however there are also projects that can be done from home. We offer opportunities across a wide range of areas at a time that will suit you. It’s always your choice to participate. 

If you are interested and would like to apply to join, please complete the registration form, talk to staff or contact Consumer Participation and Patient Experience on 5454 9080 or email [email protected] for further information.

Click here to fill out the online registration form. Once completed, please email [email protected].

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