COVID-19 Screening Clinic

COVID-19 Screening Clinic

Stewart Street walk-in: 10AM - 5:30PM

Testing Hours and Location

The COVID-19 screening clinic is open daily from 10AM - 5.30PM. It is located in Stewart Street at the old Bendigo Health Emergency Department site.

Please note that this is a walk-in only service.

Screening Clinic Map 

Rapid Antigen Tests

Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are the preferred means of testing for COVID-19 for most Victorians.

They are quick and accurate, particularly if you have symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

You should take a rapid antigen test:

  • if you have symptoms of COVID-19 infection, no matter how mild
  • if you are a household or close contact of someone who has COVID-19
  • if you are a social contact of someone who has COVID-19. This includes workplaces and educational facilities
  • before attending a crowded event, social gathering or visiting people at risk of serious illness, for example, when a test is required to attend a hospital or other health care setting. This is because COVID-19 can spread before you have symptoms. You can help protect others by checking you are negative before leaving home
  • as part of a screening program, such as one organised by your employer.

If you return a negative rapid antigen test

If you have COVID-19 symptoms and you return a negative rapid antigen test you should stay home until your symptoms go away. Repeat rapid antigen testing over the next several days.

Rapid antigen tests are better able to detect COVID-19 when repeated over successive days but will not detect other respiratory viruses, such as influenza.

If you return a positive rapid antigen test

If you test positive on a rapid antigen test you are a COVID-19 case. You must report your positive result to the Department of Health and follow the Checklist for COVID Cases, including isolating for 7 days.

When PCR testing is available

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you should take a rapid antigen test.

PCR testing is also available for all Victorians with COVID-19 symptoms. You should wear a high quality and well-fitted face mask at testing sites and travel there by private vehicle, if possible.

People at high risk of severe illness and other at-risk groups will have their PCR tests prioritised. This is so they can be diagnosed as early as possible and access additional care, including COVID-19 treatments.

If you have symptoms and are at a lower risk of severe illness you will be offered a rapid antigen test to take home with you. If you request a PCR test, you will receive one.

If you have no COVID-19 symptoms, you will not be offered a PCR test unless you have been directed to get one by the Department of Health, Local Public Health Unit or a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner.

All children under two years old will be offered PCR tests whether they have symptoms or not.

Staff at testing sites will decide if you are able to get a PCR test based on Department of Health testing criteria.

COVID Test Tracker

Completing the COVID-19 Testing Registration Form will help save time at the testing site.

To register for your COVID-19 test, click here and complete the questions.

If you register with a mobile phone number you will receive a text with your unique registration number.

The number can be used for multiple tests within a 90-day period.

If you are unable to complete registration yourself, call the State Government COVID hotline on 1800 675 398.

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