Peter Mac radiotherapy provides treatment and consulting services at the Bendigo Cancer Centre.

Radiation therapy is a localised treatment, which means that it generally only affects the part of your body that requires treatment. Most of the time radiation therapy needs to be delivered over a number of days or weeks. The majority of our patients come to Peter Mac for about half an hour each day, and are otherwise able to maintain their usual activities. The radiation therapy team works together to ensure the best approach to suit your individual needs.

We have two linear accelerators (treatment machines), capable of delivering external beam radiation therapy including:

Additionally, we have a superficial and deep radiation therapy unit, which is used to treat skin/superficial malignancies.

Who we care for

We care for patients referred to our service for radiotherapy.

What to expect

  • Your first appointment will be with a radiation oncologist who will discuss your treatment options.
  • You may proceed to a planning appointment when a radiation therapist will talk to you about treatment and put together a plan that best meets your needs.
  • You may have a CT scan, in your treatment position.
  • Before treatment commences your radiation oncologist will discuss with you:
    • the type of radiotherapy you'll have
    • how many treatment sessions you'll need
    • how often you'll need treatment

How to access this service

Peter Mac accepts referrals from GPs and specialists to our consultant Radiation Oncologists with no out-of-pocket expenses for patients and a maximum wait time of 1-2 weeks.

Bendigo Cancer Centre

Ground Floor, Bendigo Hospital


100 Barnard Street
Entry via Mercy Street, Bendigo, VIC, 3550


Medical Oncology: 5454 8815 Radiation Oncology: 5454 9234