Smoke Free

Smoke Free

Bendigo Health is a completely smoke free organisation and provides a smoke free environment for employees, patients, clients, residents, contractors, volunteers and visitors thus reducing health hazards associated with smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. 

Bendigo Health has a responsibility to provide an environment that is free of tobacco-related risks and to provide leadership in promoting the health benefits of a smoke free workplace.

This applies to all Bendigo Health facilities including buildings, vehicles, car parks and outdoor areas within Bendigo Health boundaries as indicated by signage and line markings. 

Our smoke free organisation also applies to all people entering Bendigo Health facilities including employees, patients, clients, residents, contractors, students, volunteers and visitors.

Cigarette butt bins are positioned at Bendigo Health entry points for disposal of cigarette butts, reducing exposure of pedestrians to passive smoking, but recognising that some inpatients have limited mobility.

Bendigo Health staff, patients and clients who do smoke will be encouraged and supported to reduce or stop smoking with information being available on quitting options.

I am coming into hospital and I smoke - what can I do?

You will have smoke free information sent to you with your paperwork before coming into hospital.

The first thing you need to do is plan ahead. Think about if you are ready to quit smoking or even cut down how many cigarettes you smoke. Talking this over may help you decide. You may want to talk to:

  • A quit educator at Bendigo Community Health Services - 5448 1600
  • Quit line - 13 78 48
  • Your local doctor

While quitting is one the best things you can do for your health, if you are not ready to quit smoking, Bendigo Health can help you manage your need to smoke while in hospital by giving you:

  • nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) patches or lozenges
  • information on how to manage your cravings for a cigarette
  • Your visitors need to be aware that they will have to leave Bendigo Health grounds if they want to smoke.

Where are the boundaries of the smoke free area?

All Bendigo Health grounds are smoke free including visitor and staff car parks. Signs and painted green lines on the footpaths mark the start of smoke free areas at the entrances to Bendigo Health. 


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