Medical Internships

Medical Internships

An Internship in Bendigo is known for its hands on experience, excellent consultant contact time, supportive community and high expectations with respect to medical education. The hospital and senior staff have a strong philosophy of supporting career development of junior doctors. Many interns stay on as PGY2 and are well regarded when they pursue subsequent vocational training programs and positions.

There will be 39 intern positions at Bendigo Health in 2020. Each intern will complete five rotations including three core rotations.

Internal rotations available include

  • General surgery (core)
  • Emergency medicine (core)
  • General medicine (core),
  • Cardiology (non-core),
  • Renal (non-core),
  • Geriatric medicine (non-core),
  • Oncology (non-core),
  • Rehabilitation (non-core),
  • Psychiatry (non-core),
  • Orthopaedics (non-core),
  • Urology (non-core)
  • Orthogeriatrics (non-core)

External rotations are available at Echuca Regional Health and include General medicine (non-core) and Emergency medicine (non-core), this can be a core term when linked with Bendigo Oncology rotation.

How are rotations allocated? 

Interns will receive a preference form prior to commencement, enabling preferencing of non-core rotations.

Annual leave 

Interns will receive a preference form prior to commencement, allowing preferencing of when to take the two weeks of annual leave. It is preferred this is during a non-core rotation. All interns will be assigned the remaining three weeks leave at the end of the year.

How to apply

How do I apply?

If you are eligible to apply for an intern position, you must first register with PMCV. Once the application process opens you will then need to apply directly to our Health Service. All applications must be submitted online via:

Is there a standardised CV I need to use?

Yes – Click here for standardised CV template


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