Discharge Lounge

What is the Discharge Lounge?

The Discharge Lounge provides a comfortable and safe place while you are waiting for your discharge medications, a relative or friend to collect you to go home, or to be transported to another health care service.

Our team consists of a registered nurse and a friendly group of hospital volunteers who are here to ensure you are comfortable and safe and provide assistance to get your friends or relatives car if required.

The lounge has reclining chairs, TV, air-conditioning and magazines and you will also be offered light refreshments as well as friendly company.

Ward staff will contact your relative or friend and notify them of your discharge and assist in providing directions to the Discharge Lounge.

Where we are located

The Discharge Lounge is located on the Ground Level (near the Emergency Department entrance). Entry is via Drought Street.

Free 15 minute short term parking is available for patients to be picked up.

We are open Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm, excluding public holidays.