Health Promotion

Bendigo Health strives to not only address the health of our patients, but also to improve the health and wellbeing of our staff and community.

We understand that health is not simply an outcome of individual behaviour choices. The places where we live, learn, work and play have a huge impact on our health.

We work to improve health outcomes by enabling and empowering individuals and communities to increase control over their own health.

What we do

Bendigo Health is a Health Promoting Hospital working with the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services to improve healthcare and promote health, focusing on patients and their relatives, staff, community and environment. 

Our priority is to provide an environment that promotes healthy and active living for our community. This means environments that are smoke free, and support healthy eating and physical activity.


We do not do this alone. Partnerships are an important aspect of our work. Not only do we work with internal Bendigo Health departments but also with external community organisations including:

  • Local community organisations
  • Local and state government
  • Health services
  • Early childhood and education settings 


 In partnership with other local organisations and the City of Greater Bendigo, we are a part of the Community Health-Health Promotion program (CH-HP). We aim to align our health promotion work to improve the health and wellbeing of our community as per the Healthy Greater Bendigo 2021-2025.

Our Programs

Smoke free – we are a member of the Global Network for Tobacco-free Healthcare Services. In partnership with  other health services in our area, we aim to reduce  tobacco and nicotine-related harm in our region. Click here to read more about this program.


                                          Healthy 4U – We want people in the community to be  informed and actively involved in their own care. This program was developed for patients to engage in their health through physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco-free living. Click here for more information on this program.



Genesis – to empower pregnant women to improve health outcomes for the whole family, reducing the burden on healthcare from chronic disease now and in the future.


 Healthy Choices – as part of the Healthy Choices policies from the Victorian Department of Health, Bendigo Health has been working on providing and promoting healthier foods and drinks in our precincts.

Bendigo Hospital

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