Climate Change and Health

Climate change and health is a Loddon Mallee Public Health Unit (LMPHU) priority for 2023-2025. Climate change poses significant consequences for our health, wellbeing and safety. The Loddon Mallee Climate Change and Health Framework is a step to enabling collective cross sector action to build climate change resilience. This not only reduces the high costs of future climate change impacts, but also creates a more equitable society and immediate and lasting benefits for our health, economy and environment. The LMPHU aims to work with local stakeholders to implement the Loddon Mallee Climate Change and Health Framework and build climate resilient Loddon Mallee health service system and communities.


Building Climate Change Resilient Communities and Service System:
A framework for organisations in the Loddon Mallee Region


Cool Spaces Resource            


Home Upgrades for Climate Resilience Workbook

Impact of Climate Change on Health and the Co-benefits (English version)

Climate Resilient Community Poster