Patients, Family and Carers

Patients, Family and Carers

Mental Health Services demonstrates the importance of and strives for consumer, family and carer participation. Our service encourages at all times a philosophy of ‘working with’ rather than ‘doing with or to’ a person who experience mental illness and their family and carers.

Our service focuses on how to deliver family friendly treatment, care and an takes an approach that ensures all involved are supported in the following ways: being provided with information that is relevant and supportive to patients their families and carers, considering the family and carer network throughout the patients journey, recognizing the ever changing needs of our patients their families and carers.

In this page you can find resources, programs specific to patients, family and carers that may be helpful.


The Bouverie Centre External Link

The Bouverie Centre: Victoria’s Family Institute combines clinical family therapy, academic teaching, qualitative and quantitative research, workforce development and community education in one integrated service

Independent Mental Health Advocacy (imha) External Link

Supporting people who are receiving compulsory mental health treatment to make decisions and have as much say as possible about their assessment, treatment and recovery.

Mental Health Complaints Commission (MHCC) External Link

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is an independent, specialist body established under the Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act) to safeguard rights, resolve complaints about Victorian public mental health services, and recommend improvements.

Black Dog Institute External Link

The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness.

PUKA UP External Link

A social enterprise founded by one of Australia’s leading mental health advocates, Wayne Schwass.

National Institute of Mental Health External Link

The lead federal agency for research on mental disorders.

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