Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Our Vision


What does excellence look like at Bendigo Health?

  • Always doing our best

  • Staff who feel valued and believe consumers are getting great care and services

  • Everyone working together, committed to excellence

Every person deserves to feel they receive the very best care. We will put the patient at the centre of everything we do. That means listening, learning and partnering; accepting that 'at standard' is not enough.

Every person deserves to have a great care story.

Every Person. Every Time.

Our Values


We care for each other. We are respectful and value our differences. We are considerate and show one another that we care.

We are proud of each other, the role that we play in the community and the caring tradition that we are part of.

We know that we do our best when we work collaboratively with our community. We are patient because we know that change takes dedication and time.

We love what we do. That drives us to look for the best ways to support, inform and improve the things we do. We are focused and resourceful. We find innovative and efficient solutions to challenges and opportunities.

We inspire others with our enthusiasm. We are dedicated to helping others and giving our best to any situation. We connect the different parts of our community to the information and services that they need.


We follow through on our promises with care and accuracy. We can be relied upon and trusted. We do the right thing.

We work as a team. We listen to our community. We explain clearly why we have made our decisions. We make sure that it is safe for everyone at work to speak openly and try things differently. If mistakes are made, we know that we will be supported to take responsibility and look for a solution.

Our Strategic Goals


  • Partnering with our consumers and learning from their lived experience


  • Providing care and services when and where they are needed

  • Enhance collaboration and leadership across the region which shapes the future of health service delivery to improve experiences for our communities


  • Delivering safe and effective care and services

  • Using the consumer and carer experience to improve our care and services

Our People

  • We strive to provide a positive culture built on safety, increasing engagement and encouraging wellbeing

Contact Us


100 Barnard Street, Bendigo, VIC, 3550


03 5454 6000


[email protected]