Community Care Unit (CCU)

What we do

Community Care Units (CCU) is a 12 bed program that provides care within a home-like environment. The program provides specialised rehabilitation support over an extended time. The CCU serves as a 'step up step down' program between inpatient units and the community, offering a variety of programs focused on the development of daily living skills, social interactions and recreational and vocational skills and opportunities.

Who we care for

The CCU provides rehabilitation services to adults of Mental Health Services aged 18 to 65 years. The program supports the recovery of people seriously affected by mental illness to develop or relearn skills in self-care, communication and social skills.

How to access this service

Admission is not automatic and access to this service is through existing Bendigo Health mental health services such as the acute inpatient service, Bendigo Adult Community Mental Health Team or Triage.

Referrals may be received from other services or agencies.

How to refer your patient

Referral to the CCU does not automatically imply admission, as other options may be more appropriate.

There is an expectation admission to the CCU will be time limited, with the length of admission being determined by the rehabilitation requirements of the patient. 

Discharge from the CCU will be based on the patient meeting the rehabilitation goals that have been set or the inability of the patient to meet goals due to a failure of the service and the patient to engage in a meaningful therapeutic relationship. 

The treating team will make all referrals and arrangements for any continued follow up that may be necessary prior to discharge of the patient from the CCU.

Referring persons are asked to provide the following information:

Any recent presentation/concerns and any new findings and recent medical investigations (Pathology, neurological testing/reports, Histology and Medical Imaging).

A list of current medications (if prescribed), relevant patient history, relevant family history, any other information pertinent and that may assist in decision making with patient, family/carer about their care and treatment.

Clinical service overview

The aims of CCU are to provide patients with a safe environment in which to develop daily living skills, to provide individual, time limited programs to patients based on their assessment needs, to involve patients in the development of individual programs.

The team’s focus will be to involve the case manager, relatives/carers of patients in the development of individual patient programs. CCU will liaise with community agencies and groups regarding the appropriate use of these agencies, and groups in the provision of service to patients.

Admission to the CCU is contingent on the referred patient: Having a significant mental illness and an enduring psychosocial disability, having identified rehabilitation needs that cannot be met in an unsupervised community setting and being assessed as being able to benefit from an admission to the CCU.

Admission to CCU may be required for patients of ECATT/Triage/PARC, Bendigo Adult Mental Health Team or the acute inpatient service and referrals may be received from other services or agencies.  CCU medical staff and nursing staff will assess all patients referred for admission and prioritise if necessary.