Be your best

Be Your Best

Be Your Best

Bendigo Health has 5,000 staff. Many of them have different pursuits outside of work. Our organisation supports them to be their best in work and outside of work. Discover their stories below. 

The protectors: Lee

Taking care and notice in the

small details is what Lee Moss considers most important in his role.

For the Aboriginal Services team leader, putting in the extra effort to create a culturally safe environment, no matter what it takes to do so, makes a whole world of difference.

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Bread and butter: Di

Di Walker has worked at the service for nearly 30 years and has witnessed many changes.

Her tenure began in 1994 when she worked in the canteen serving free breakfasts to staff members, and then progressed to working as a café barista. She reflects on her time in customer service fondly.

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Taking time to listen: Martin

Martin Galvin likes to think of volunteering as “opening up a story book”. He takes time to look at patients and consider them the storyteller, rather than a person in a hospital bed.

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Support and acceptance: Carl

Carl's curiosity paid off and Bendigo Health turned out to be “the best place to work”.

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Championing rural allied health: Narelle

Narelle Dalley’s time in the healthcare system as a teen opened her eyes to a career in allied health.

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Realising her dream: Eh Doh

Through dedication, study and lots of support from Bendigo Health and community services, Eh Doh has realised her dream of working as a Nurse and is now pursuing a Master of Mental Health with a particular passion for working with older persons.

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Taking pride in the job at hand: Nick

Home is where the connections are for Nick Holden.

With a rich life experience that saw him live in Western Australia for a period of time, Nick said “knowing all the people here” is what motivated him to return to his roots.

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The warmth of the library: Angela

Angela Mundy's passion for building relationships has been key to her long lasting career.

When speaking about her 14-year tender at Bendigo Health as a Librarian, Angela said "whether you're a porter or the CEO, or anyone in between, it's a real team and a real sense of community, honestly".

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A part of people's lives: Anna-Leena

It was the care Anna-Leena received that made her want to be a midwife.

As Anna-Leena sat in awe of the people providing care to her as a new mother, she new what career path she wanted to take.

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A voice for children: Debbie

After a few stints in other areas of nursing, Debbie said she "fell into" paediatric nursing.

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A safe space: EJ

Following a dark period of poor mental health this year, EJ felt it was time to make some changes.

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Taking small steps: S'Moo

S'Moo is "taking small steps" towards her career goal of becoming a nurse and/or midwife. She has found her home and is on her way to her career goal. 

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Never too late: Denise

Denise is a lifelong learner and at age 63, she proudly graduated as a Registered Nurse. If you are considering a career change, Denise says, “Just do it, we all bring something to the team, because we all have different life experience.” Now Denise is a registered Nurse working in Mental Health at age 63.

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Making a difference: Ella

Ella had her sights set on a career in exercise physiology until Occupational Therapy sparked her interest. The love for her role helps people to do the activities that are meaningful in their everyday lives. 

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Pushing her boundaries: Kate

From running ultra-marathons to helping birth multiple babies each day, Kate MacMunn always strives for self-improvement.

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Forever curious: David

David's curiosity for learning and challenging himself sees him pay it forward adding to the careers of other nurses.

Discover more about David's story here.

Exelling in education: Emma

From education sessions, to workshops and on-on-one consultations, Emma is there day and night for staff when they need it.

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Nursing with a smile: Janine

Janine Cowling believes compassion is the key when it comes to estabilishing a career in aged care nursing. 

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A conversation with Caitlin

Caitlin Wright has spent 13 years developing a passion for speech pathology.

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Health literacy with a heart: GP

Gai Porh La Myint (GP) has found her wings as a Pharmacist - and her voice - in translating medical information.

Discover GP's story here.

Country connections: Chris

Working in a regional health service has enabled Chris White to maintain strong ties to Country Victoria.

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Nursing on the road: Karen

Karen Jackman has made a rewarding career out of nursing on the road.

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(Re)searching for better outcomes: Marcus

Allied Health Education Manager Marcus Gardner recently completed a PhD, with the research now having an impact beyond Bendigo Health.

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Circle of security: Carol

Nurse Carol Newman knows the importance of putting her patients at ease.

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Physio always prepared to answer the call: Scott

Helping others in an emergency is second nature to physiotherapist Scott Robbins. 

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The pharmacist's passion for change: Yvette

Pharmacist Yvette Anderson is improving awareness and inclusion for people with neurodevelopmental conditions in the healthcare setting.

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The power of education: Bec

Bec Broadbent believes education is a powerful tool when it comes to enpowering women, no matter their background.

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A silver lining: Chris

BYB Chris O'Brien ListingAs Chris O’Brien’s career illustrates, every cloud has a silver lining.

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Finding connections to music and surgery: Alex

Bendigo Health plastic surgeon and musician reveals his two passions have more in common than would first seem.

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Tackling post-natal depression: Christine

Christine Williams embarks on further study in Perinatal and Infant Emotional Health.

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Grad takes on motherhood and new career: Steph

After taking time off to look after her newborn, Steph Bastian said she felt "very lucky" to land a spot in the 2023 graduate nursing program.

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Taking flight: Dr Thomas

By gaining his pilot license, Dr Thomas Carins hopes to improve patient care and access.

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The perfect change of scenery: Christie

A change of scenery from metro to country has led to a wealth of opportunities for Christie Verbeek.

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The next chapter: Bridget

The next step in Bridget Hague's career path was a natural one. Having worked in residential care services since 1996, she always knew she would come back after retirement in some capacity.

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Creating the perfect balance: Kate

For ANUM Kate Gifford, sport, community and farming are the key to establishing a good work-life balance.

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An avid learner: Yung-Hui Chen

Through her passion for learning and teaching, Clinical Support Nurse and ANUM Yung-Hui Chen hopes to create more awareness around older persons' sexuality.

Discover her story here.

Helping others: Jenny

WorkCover Rehabilitation Absence Manager, Jenny Arnold, is all about getting staff back to doing what they love.

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Making a difference: Fenny

Volunteering and a sense of belonging are a big part of Health Information Officer Fenny Syahril's life. Thanks to the flexibility offered by her current role at Bendigo Health, Fenny can continue her work in giving back to the community.

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Smiles all round: Amanda

Making the move to regional Victoria has helped Amanda Leske find the perfect balance between work, family and professional development.

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Health in harmony: Megan

Singing has always been an important part of Megan Kane Griffin's life, and it's a creative outlet she can turn to in her nursing career.

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Ready to respond: Trent

SES volunteer and team leader of Technical Services, Trent Ross, is always ready to respond to emergencies regardless of the time or place thanks to an understanding work environment.

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From the floor to the field: Cherie

Thanks to the support of her colleagues, Cherie O'Neill can commit to her nursing, navy and coaching commitments.

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